Hokhokw Mask

wood carving

Hokhokw Mask - wood carving by Troy Roberts
Hokhokw is one of three Kwakwaka'wakw giant cannibal birds that are the attendants of Baxwbakwalanuxusiwe', the Cannibal at the North End of the World, and a part of the Hamatsa (Cannibal Dance) ceremony. The other two are Crooked-Beak and Cannibal Raven Hokhokw is a fearsome monster who uses his long bill to crack open human skulls and eat the brains.

It is identified by a very long, fairly narrow bill (longer and narrower, typically, than that of Raven), which is square-tipped. Often it also features flaraed nostils, and black, white and red colouring. This mask can be very large.

This mask is carved from red cedar with acrylic paint, cedar bark dressing. The bill opens and closes.

Hokhokw Mask
Length - 60" "
Width - 12 "
Depth - 45 "
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